Hello and welcome to EYCHDESIGN.com, the website created to display the artwork and professional experience of UI designer Hector Medina. It's an online portfolio for visitors to enjoy with new content added periodically.

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About Hector Medina

Hector has accommodated the mobile entertainment field since 2006 and continues until today. His work can be seen in several popular social Games/Applications titles (ToneMaker, TattooShop, Crazy Night Out, Rhythm Zone and many more) and distributed through major mobile device-platforms such as Android, iPhone/iPad, Amazon Kindle and web-platforms such as Facebook and Steam.

Hector is a team player but is also an independent designer. He enjoys developing new skills and strengthening his knowledge of professional software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Unity, 3DS Max, and Maya. On his spare time, Hector entertains himself by learning a bit of HTML, CSS and Java Scripting. This website is a prime example of his superficial work and is adding Stereoscopic 3D and Augmented Reality to his list of skills.